Oakie, Oakie, Oakie… what happened? In the early 1990s, he was in the same inspirational remix league as the sainted Weatherall. And then. And then, he went all trance and dodgy remixes. I blame the hair.

After his brilliant remixes for Happy Mondays, Massive Attack etc. he did the U2 remix and changed course – very successfully, financially.

By the mid-’90s, dance music had reached the mainstream of British radio and culture, with Oakenfold at the front of a new wave of globe-trotting DJs; he toured with U2 and supported live gigs by INXS, the Orb, Simply Red, Boy George, and Primal Scream. On Britain’s ever-growing club circuit, he inaugurated the London superclub Ministry of Sound early in the 1990s and became a resident at Britain’s other superclub, Liverpool’s Cream, instead of taking big money for independent gigs. He also cut down his remix schedule to less than five per year, concentrating instead on the release of half-a-dozen mix albums, including several volumes in the Journeys by DJ series. Oakenfold left Cream in 1999, after which Virgin commemorated the occasion with the release of Resident: Two Years of Oakenfold at Cream. Perfecto Presents Another World arrived the following year. A monumental U.S. tour and the fresh Voyage into Trance appeared in early 2000, as did Swordfish: The Album, a soundtrack Oakenfold constructed for the sci-fi film of the same name. In 2002, Bunkka became his first album of new productions. Mix albums like Creamfields (2004) and Perfecto Presents…The Club (2005) appeared before his second production effort, A Lively Mind, landed in 2006. John Bush Allmusic


Paul Oakenfold – Ready Steady Go (Layo & Bushwacka Mix)

Paul Oakenfold – Starry Eyed Surprise (Oliver Lieb Mix)
Paul Oakenfold – Starry Eyed Surprise (Josh Wink Reintepretation)

~ by acidted on October 20, 2009.

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