Today’s featured Orb single is “Asylum” from 1997, with remixes from Weatherall, Kris Needs and Thomas Fehlmann.

In June 1992, the new single “Blue Room” hit the British Top Ten. The longest single in chart history at just under 40 minutes, it earned the Orb a spot on Top of the Pops, where they ruminated over a chess game and waved at the camera while a three-minute edit of the single played in the background. Released in July, the album U.F.Orb concentrated not on space, but the beings that inhabit it. (The actual “Blue Room” is an installation where the U.S. government allegedly keeps the relics of a 1947 saucer crash outside Roswell, NM.) It hit number one on the British album charts, and also did well with critics, who praised it and the duo’s sold-out tour of England.

The non-album single “Assassin” — originally slated to feature vocals from Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie — followed in October, and it reached number 12 on the British charts. The U.S. release of U.F.Orb appeared two months later, with initial copies including a second disc with the full version of “Blue Room” plus mixes of “Assassin.” A limited LP release of U.F.Orb included a live recording of the Orb’s appearance at London’s Brixton Academy in 1991. (The date was later released on video with an added CD soundtrack as Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld: Patterns and Textures.)

The Orb – Asylum (Blood Sugar’s Mix 1) Andrew Weatherall & Dave Harrow

The Orb – Asylum (Kris & Dave’s You Are Evil (But I Like You) Mix)

The Orb – Asylum (Thomas Fehlmann’s Mix)

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