Simon Richmond produces odd, difficult electronic music. Although he was on Mo’ Wax, he never seemed to fit within their sound, having more in common with difficult artists like Autechre.

His bio says “Palm Skin – founder of tooth-cutting Mo’ Wax project Palm Skin Productions, countless 12”s, Ep’s, live gigs and DJ sets around the world from Tokyo and Sydney to Aberdeen and Ravensburg. Taken from the emperor’s new label of Mo’ Wax into the lush vales of Virgin for the first LP “Remilixir”. Kidnapped to record, play live and DJ for Neneh Cherry – led into innumerable studios to produce Youssou N’Dour, R.E.M, Gabrielle…sucked into Howie B’s tentacled Pussyfoot Records to release the second LP “Kunstruk”… destined to tour Europe and Scandinavia with two lapdancers and a sleeper bus commandeered by a fugitive from the French foreign legion…all the while Djing and remixing – names and faces flash past in the foaming wake: Fabric, 333, Galliano, UFO, the Rex, the Batofar, Global Communications, Maffia, Spacer, Earl Zinger… playing live for King Kooba, spinning as an opener for Art Of Noise, scratching live for Scare Electric, summoning live dub frenzies for Chris Bowden.
Palm Skin – father of myriad offshoots – Cousin Grizzly for Tummy Touch, Boswick Gates for Om Records, South Sea Bubble for Pussyfoot, Moustache for discerning followers of camp German electro-tache everywhere, and now playing with The Bays, the absolute royalty of live improvised electronica…

Palm Skin Productions – Evolution Of The Beast (Autechre remix)  

Palm Skin Productions – Evolution Of The Beast (Part 2)  

Palm Skin Productions – Slipper Suite  

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~ by acidted on October 28, 2009.

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