This time Oxfam has really come up trumps with tracks from around 1990. This post features Jesus Loves You, Loco Mia and Age of Chance; with Danny Rampling and Farley & Heller on remix duty.

Single of the week: Jesus Loves You ‘Generations of Love’

Wherein Boy George, embarassing Eighties pop phenomenon, proves himself to be a true star. No matter how much of a fool he’s made of himself in the past, George has always got back on his feet and had another go. Now his tenacity has paid off with a truly superb record – under the guise of Jesus Love You – which should put him right back at the top of the tree. Mixed by the ever-present Paul oakenfold, and with toasting by M C Kinky who graced ‘Everything Starts With An E’, this is a slinky seduction of a song. It’s deliciously understated, and show off th breathy vocals of the Boy to perfection. Candidate for Single Of The Year, no less.

Jesus Loves You – Generations of Love (Love Dub Mix) by Farley & Heller  

Loco Mia – Loco Mia (Danny Rampling Remix)  

Age of Chance – Higher Than Heaven (Righteous Club Mix)  

Jesus Loves You – Generations Of Love (Road To Basra Mix) by Farley & Heller  

You know the deal by now. If you download, please make a donation to a cancer charity of your choice.

~ by acidted on October 31, 2009.

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