Pressure Drop were on Leftfield’s Hard Hands Records. They were there when Hard Hands had the strong backing of megacorp Sony. They got top notch remixers, big fat bass, videos on the CDs (a rarity then). But still they weren’t a success. Don’t know why.

The UK dub dance duo Pressure Drop comprised DJ/producer partners Justin Langlands and Dave Henley, both of whom first surfaced during the mid-’80s spinning records at London clubs and warehouse parties. Forming Pressure Drop in 1990, their early singles reflected the eclecticism of their DJing work, drawing on influences including funk, northern soul, ska, acid house and hip hop. Upon completion of their 1992 debut LP Upset, their label Big World folded; the German company IDE bought their contract, and as a result only about two thousand copies of the record were actually released in their native Britain. After 1993’s dark Front Row met a similar fate, Pressure Drop issued little further material for several years, finally arranging for their Change the Silence EP to appear on Leftfield’s Hard Hands label in 1995; the full-length Elusive followed in 1997. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

If you only want to download one track, go for the Adam Freeland mix. 10 minutes of slower dubbed nu-breaks, with a bass so fat you could live off it for a week.

Pressure Drop – Silently Bad Minded (Stereo MC’s Remix)  

Pressure Drop – Warrior Sound (Adam Freeland Mix) Ft. Martin Fishley & MC Skibadee  

Pressure Drop – Silently Bad Minded (Roni Size Dub Mix)  

Pressure Drop – Warrior Sound (Ed Case & Carl H Remix) Ft. Martin Fishley & MC Skibadee  

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~ by acidted on October 31, 2009.

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