Quantic Soul Orchestra was the live band for Quantic (Will Holland). With no samples, they reproduced his jazzy, soulful and funky sound.

The sleeve notes to the LP “Stampede” explain: “Puttng something back” is how Will Holland described the reason for starting The Quantic Soul Orchestra. Having released two albums on Tru Thoughts under his Quantic guise, he felt his next musical adventure would have to focus on the album Stampede. The Quantic Soul Orchestra is a live project, strictly no samples allowed. Influenced by Mr Holland’s love of the dusty funk 45’s, he wanted to record and produce an album with creative and like minded individuals. 

This album is not trying to be retro and trendy, hence the cover version of 4 Hero’s future soul anthem from 2002 “Hold It Down”. Sung on one take as vocalist Alice Russell warmed up before a recording session, it was decided that the original Holland penned original should be replaced wityh this version.

This is probably an album that future producers will be sampling, who knows someone across the world may even be sampling the music as you read these sleeve notes today! Just remember to acknowledge the Quantic Soul Orchestra if you do sample them and if you make a success of your music to “put something back” too.

Quantic Soul Orchestra – Hold It Down  

Quantic Soul Orchestra – Stampede  

Quantic Soul Orchestra – Take Your Time Change Your Mind  

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~ by acidted on November 4, 2009.

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