Quantic is Will Holland. A British multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, remixer and band leader (Quantic Soul Orchestra).

Coming onto the downtempo/funky scene early in the new millennium, Will’s best release is the luscious “Apricot Morning” (2002). Here’s a review:

Just twelve months after his spectacular debut, Will Holland delivered his second solo album, ‘Apricot Morning’. Critically acclaimed at the time of release, it’s astonishing to think that anyone could produce such an accomplished collection of jazz, hip hop, Afro, funk, soul and solid breakbeats at the tender age of only 22. ‘Apricot Morning’ features guest appearances by EQ and the supremely talented Alice Russell, who went on to appear on the first QSO album in 2003. To this day, the expert production and musical knowhow of ‘Apricot Morning’ mark it out as one of the gems in Will Holland’s incredibly rich back-catalogue.

Here are a few tracks from that album:

Quantic – Apricot Morning  

Quantic – Primate Boogaloo  

Quantic – Sweet Calling  


Where to buy
Beatink Japan’s official distributor.
North America
Amazon The Amazon artist page.
Etch Shop Buy from Tru Thoughts direct.

~ by acidted on November 4, 2009.

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