Skylab was a loose collective including the UK’s Howie B and Japan’s Major Force. This was downtempo funk, a bit trip hop. But quality. And there’s a rare Weatherall mix to enjoy.

Skylab is the combined efforts of U.K. DJ/experimentalist Mat Ducasse, producer Howie “B.” Bernstein, and Japanese Major Force recording artists Tosh and Kudo, aka Love TKO. Beginning as a post office project between Ducasse and Bernstein (with Ducasse shipping tape after weirded-out tape of obscure samples and tape-loop experiments to the intrepid Bjork/U2 producer), Skylab become one of the more celebrated of the crossover trip-hop/ambient breakbeat set. Wedding Ducasse’s affectation for ’60s experimental jazz, funk, and soul with Bernstein’s penchant for making connections and Tosh and Kudo’s tight, solid hip-hop moorings, the group generated much of the raw material for their L’Attitude debut and subsequent EP in the studio (as opposed to the sampler). Fifth member Debbie Sanders’ interesting, often wordless vocal contributions added novelty and texture. Although all the members released solo material outside of the group, Skylab’s shifty, off-beat flavor remained a unique collaborative product. In 1994, Astralwerks released the full-length 1 in America. While Howie B went on to a fertile solo career, the remaining quartet converged again five years later for 1999 (Large as Life and Twice as Natural). ~ Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

The Sklab album “#1” is a beautiful piece of work, especially the original version of the track “Seashell”. Later efforts didn’t quite match up.

Skylab – Indigo (Sabres Of Paradise Mix)  

Skylab – Seashell (Nobukazu Takemura Mix)   

Skylab – Seashell  

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~ by acidted on November 14, 2009.

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