The Sandals were Will Blanchard, John Harris, Derek Delves & Ian Simmonds. They started out on Acid Jazz but created some of the earliest skunk addled techno, starting in 1992.

Key track “Shake Ya Brain” is an unsubtle paen to weed:

Shake The Brain

Shake The Brain

Shake The Brain

Shake The Brain


Trying Hard To Remember

That Fresh Clear Aroma

That blue blue how ya doin’

That mixed up kicked in but still goin’

Feelin’, these images are real

It’s the pain that I feel


Harder harder, for a while

Try and smile, cos it’s getting

Hard harder harder

A little bit for and after

Laughter, but its getting harder


Shake The Brain x12


Trying hard to forget

That sweet sweet smell

That green green wooly feel

That deep growl, howl

After midnight these images are real

Its the pain that I feel


Shake The Brain x4


All get out the picture fall out x4

Lyrics from a Japanese import, so I’ve no idea if they are exactly right

I guess it’s not a surprise that they only managed a few singles and solitary album. 1992 single “We Wanna Live” was produced and mixed by the Disco Evangelists (Ashley Beedle and David Holmes). It is a cracking track. The “Changed EP” from which “Shake Ya Brain” and “Ardens..” come from are more stripped back techno affairs.
Sandals – We Wanna Live (DSS Remix)  

Sandals – Shake Ya Brain  

Sandals – Ardens Bud Phase 3  

Sandals – We Wanna Live (The Righteous Rule Dub)  

Sandals – Nothing (Extended Version) by Leftfield   

Sandals – Feet (Dust Brothers Beatapella)  

Sandals – Feet (Day Slam)  

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~ by acidted on November 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “S IS FOR THE SANDALS”

  1. […] Sandals were (previous post here). That post had mixes of 1994 single “Feet” from the UK release. It also had a separate […]

  2. […] #43 is Sandals and We Wanna Live, released in 1992. Sandals were Will Blanchard, John Harris, Derek Delves & Ian Simmonds. This record makes it because it mixes the Sandals’ heavy, druggy grooves, with a production by Ashley Beedle and David Holmes (as the Disco Evangelists). And if that wasn’t enough they were assisted by Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns for Sabres of Paradise. A veritable who’s who of early 90s UK dance. What made Sandals’ work stand out was the heavy drum patterns, with an organic sound. Like the best squat party you never went to. More here. […]

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