Some electronic dub from Statik Sound System.

Statik Sound system were Giles Butcher, Pete Webb, Roger Mills, Andy Jenks, Helen White, I. Bawley and recorded on influential Bristol label Cup Of Tea Records. Still going today, they are now down to Giles and Pete.

Their bio says: Statik Sound System formed in the early part of 1994 after band members had been in a variety of noise, dub and breakbeat acts, Statik went on to become a premier act on Bristol’s own Cup Of Tea Records. They produced 2 albums, a Remix album, 6 singles/EPs and appeared on countless compilation albums such as Kruder and Dorfmeisters DJ Kicks. They were remixed by the likes of Mr Scruff, Cut La Roc, Spring Heel Jack, Smith and Mighty, More Rockers, The Egg, Tao, Ian Simmonds, The Bullitnuts, Aim, and toured and played around the globe with a bizarre mixture of bands as diverse as Spiritualised, Black Francis, through to Receiver and Smith and Mighty. After putting together a studio in 1998 they released their last album – ‘My-ooh-zik’ in 2001. They are now returning to making music. STATIK SOUND SYSTEM also like confusing prose: – Like a returning lost child Statik, breeze in on a current that for a time has been circulating on the central plains of creation. Now that the eggs are hatched and have had time to grow the old men of the mountains have decided to re-engage their musical vision. These offerings are handed over from the last chapter some unreleased, some re-engineered and some the same as before. The wise owls of emotive provocation are now turning their hands back to alchemy and divination to forge new sounds for your enjoyment.

These tracks are from 1995:
Statik Sound System – Revolutionary Pilot (Spring Heel Jack Slow Dub)
Statik Sound System – Vacuum
Statik Sound System – In Our Own Time (Horizontal Mix)
Statik Sound System – The Sunlight In Your Eyes
Statik Sound System MySpace

~ by acidted on November 25, 2009.

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