Formed from the ashes of the collapse of Renegade Soundwave, Subsonic Legacy only produced two releases but they included a quite lovely cover version from 1999.

Subsonic Legacy were Danny Briotett of Renegade Soundwave and Linda X (his then partner/wife). They did a cracking version of old country number “Ode To Billie Jo” in a downtempo breaks style. The Sinead O’Connor version is good but this is better. I posted this track a while back on Twitter and was started to receive the following email from Linda:

Thanks for posting ‘Ode to Billy Jo’ on Twitters! I used to be married to Danny from Renegade Soundwave. Back in the 80’s I brought him a Transformers called a Deceptcon Soundwave and they used the name for their group. I also did most of their backing vocals. When RSW split up Danny and I decided to record together under the name Subsonic Legacy. We recorded ‘Ode’ for Athletico. It was well received in France, and we did Transmusical on the back of it. We also did other tracks, but we divorced and went our separate ways , however, we are still great friends. Recently, we discussed uploading our other stuff on Youtube. When we do I will let you know cause I would love to get your feedback on them. I can tell from you Blog that you have excellent taste in music! God I forgot all about ‘Ode’…What am I like?? I will also upload it on Youtube!Here is a link to my page http://www.youtube.com/user/Lindaxnyc Check me out if you get the chance..I am just beginning to create a web presence…Better late than never!

So go and have a look. But before you do, listen to these:

Subsonic Legacy – Ode To Billie Jo mediafire

Subsonic Legacy – Ode To Billie Jo (Dubstramental)

Subsonic Legacy – Ode To Billie Joe (Space Mix)

Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom (Subsonic Legacy vs Dreadzone)

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~ by acidted on November 25, 2009.


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