Stereo People is Joshua Michaels (aka Joshua Iz).

Biog: Joshua (Iz) Michaels was born on a 120 º (40º C) day in 1969, the same day the first manned Apollo mission blasted off to the moon. Growing up just outside of Chicago in Oak Park, he was influenced early by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright who was based there, as well as the culturally rich city itself. Taking piano lessons from age five, he quit at age eight so as to be able to play football and get into trouble with all of the other neighborhood kids, although he always kept playing.

Visiting Chicago to see relatives and buy records, Joshua was shopping at Imports, Etc. and was told to go to a store called Gramophone and ask for Derrick Carter. The two hit it off and Joshua would return twice a year to stay at the now famous Red Nail encampment on Green Street, just across the way from the Warehouse and DJ International Records. Upon graduating, Joshua procured some midi gear and started making his own tracks. After sending out demos to Derrick and Chez Damier in Chicago, he was invited to come to Chicago and make music. This also the time when he met and started working with Diz (the other half of Iz & Diz), recording their first track at the legendary KMS studios in Detroit.

Giving up a full time job opportunity at Wired Magazine, Joshua moved in with the Red Nail posse (Derrick, Mark Farina, G-Most and Chris Nazuka), with the illusionary Chez being another semi-permanent resident. He began making music for Blue Cucaracha, Prescription and its offshoot Balance, as well as spinning regularly at seminal Chicago venues Red Dog and Shelter. He also worked as design director at Cajual Records with Cajmere, Rob and Ivan (now at Guidance Recordings), designing most of the labels and cover art during the glory days of 1995-96.

After the breakup of Prescription and Balance in 1996, Joshua decided to return to the Bay Area where he has lived and worked ever since.

The Stereo EP was released in 1999 on Tweekin Records.

Stereo People – Stereo (Global Communication Remix)  

Stereo People – Stereo (Joshuas Duotone Remix)  

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