Smells Like Heaven is our old friend Fabio Paras.

Paras started his DJ-career in 1988, when Nick Holloway invited him to play in the Project Bar in San Antonio, Ibiza. After returning to London, he became guest-DJ in the Astorio, then in The Monkey Drum, the Limelight and the legendary Flying.

That was the time Paras decided to start an own label called Junk Rock and released his first track named “Eastern Mysteries”.

Later, he worked together with Terry Farley to produce “Come Together” from Primal Scream and was very successfull with the project Outrage and the track “Tall ‘n Handsome”. The Soundclash Project was the next part of Paras’ career, when he wrote and played his first album – “Shiva Shanti” was released in 1992.

In 1993, Soundclash Republic had a concert in Ministry Of Sound. The show was completely sold out and received good critics.

Since them, Paras is working on different remixes and own projects. Shelley Boswell told about him: “Unique is the only word to describe him”.

Smells Like Heaven – Rhythm De Londres (Smells Like Heaven)  

Smells Like Heaven – Londres Strutt  

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~ by acidted on December 7, 2009.

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