Ah Sasha (b. Alexander Coe). Another of those around since the early days of UK dance who are accused of selling out – Hi Oakie! – for the corporate shilling. Doesn’t help that he was considered ‘most fanciable DJ’ in the 90s. D confirmed this (Pwoah, yeah!). However, more recently, his looks may attract less attention (he’s 40 this year) but his music has had a clear return to form with the ‘EmFire Collection’ in 2008.

Resident Adviser says: Born and raised in a small town in Wales, Sasha was exposed to Motown records when he was just a baby and it was in the home that his talent for playing the piano was developed. His first exposure to house music was at Manchester’s Hacienda; just as dance music exploded into the summer of love. This impact encouraged his move from Wales to Manchester.

His first exploration into Djing was when a DJ in a local pub announced he was looking for people to play club dates. Sasha volunteered and now says that he “had about 30 records and basically just blagged it”. After honing his deck technique, Sasha’s first big break came when he was offered a residency at Stokes legendary club Shelly’s. When all the other DJ’s were playing US House, Sasha’s style was much more uplifting, and he encapsulated clubbers with his mixture of piano led Italian House whilst playing acapella tracks over the top. This combination alongside a wide variety of anthems kept dancefloors full and elevated Sasha to hero status.

Shelly’s was the launch pad for the residency at Renaissance, where Sasha created his niche and helped forge a new style in UK house music. At Renaissance two major things happened; Sasha mixed the first ever UK DJ mix album and he met John Digweed which cemented the partnership known as “Northern Exposure”. Over the past couple of years, Sasha and John have played together on five continents, have mixed 3 “Northern Exposure” albums which have sold to over 1 million people worldwide. This special brother like relationship that Sasha and Digweed have on the decks, is what landed them the monthly residency at New York’s “Twilo”, following in the footsteps of Vasquez and Tenaglia. This residency reached cult status in New York, until the closing of Twilo in 2001.

Here’s an early track of his own (rather than posting smash hit “Xpander”), with a small selection of his extensive remix CV:

Sasha – Higher Ground (Main Club Mix)  

Orbital – Midnight (Sasha Mix) Edited by Irresistible Force  

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Sasha Remix)  

The Reese Project – Direct Me (Sasha’s 3am Drop Mix)  

Sasha – Higher Ground (The Oz Dub)  

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~ by acidted on December 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “S IS FOR SASHA”

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  2. […] for his work and decreasingly so as in the later 90s he became a hugely successful trance DJ (more here). But this track transcended genre boundaries with its trance chords and cracking drums. Still […]

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