Some early 90s trance from Rising High Records. Sounded very German, so it’s no surprise to find out it was Ralf Hertwig & Tommy Eckart.

They didn’t do much, except the single “Transformation” (produced by Resistence D), of which a discogs commentator says: Track title is not given explicitly on this release but it should be “Transformation”. The main title “Transformations” is either an error or intended as a plural.

Licensed from See Saw.

The “no sun, no shade” vocal on track 3 is sampled from Opus 4 by The Art of Noise (who in turn copied the poem November by Thomas Hood).

In the book that came with the first Trance Europe Express compilation, Pascal FEOS (of Resistance D) revealed that the “la da da di…” vocals on this track (later re-used on La by Marc et Claude) came originally from a 1960’s Playboy bunny record.

So there you go. On with the music:

Transform – Transformation – Irresistible Trance Mix  

Transform – Transformation – Original Mix  

Transform – Transformation – Backwards 1 Mix By The Irresistible Force  

Buy product – suprisingly pricey

~ by acidted on December 15, 2009.

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