A bit more dance mixes with a guitar break. This time from Italy and from 1992.

TC1992 were Luciano Bericchia, Roberto Biffi, Corrado Foresti & Marco Frattini. They also operated as B.D.J. & Warriors 6.1.0., FPI Project, The Funky People, The Pusher, The Questions, R.J. And The Family, Renna Phisycal, TC 1991, TC 1993, TC 1994, TC 1995, TC Berry. Don’t know anything else about them. Too tired to try to find out.

TC1992 – Funky Guitar (Lion Rock Inna Milanese Stylee)  

TC1992 – Funky Guitar (Lion Rock Dub Excellence)  

TC1992 – Funky Guitar (Lion Rock Milanese Instrumental)  

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~ by acidted on December 17, 2009.

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