TGU found success in the 1990s with their world dance fusion (honestly way better than I’m making that sound) on Nation Records. And theres a Weatherall mix to enjoy. Once they parted from Nation at the end of the 90s, I lost track of them.

From Wiki: In 2001 Transglobal Underground released the album Yes Boss Food Corner on Mondo Rhythmica (part of the Ark 21 label), featuring Zulu vocalist Thobekile Doreen Webster (with whom Mantu and Kasiek still work as producers). The seven-piece line-up of this period (including British-born Asian musicians sitarist Sheema Mukherjee and percussionist Gurjit Sihra) played all over the world and toured the USA twice.

After the demise of Ark21, Transglobal Underground spent some time working in Egypt, notably with Egyptian vocalist Hakim. On their return they set up their own Mule Satellite label for their 2005 album Impossible Broadcasting. For the next tour, the live band (now stripped down to a five-piece and with, once more, a more club-based line-up) started playing the UK regularly for the first time in more than six years, turning up regularly at festivals and venues throughout the country.

A flurry of studio activity in 2007 resulted in a collaboration with Real World act The Imagined Village (which won a Radio 2 Folk Award), another remix album (Impossible Re-Broadcasts), the release of the seventh Transglobal Underground album (the Radio-3-award-winning Moonshout) and the soundtrack to the film Whatever Lola Wants. The latter two projects were collaborations with Natacha Atlas, who had returned to closer work with the core band.

From the 1990s and including a Weatherall remix:

Transglobal Underground – International Times (Haunted Dancehall Mix) By Sabres Of Paradise  

Transglobal Underground – Earth Tribe (Earth vs. Technology Mix) by Drum Club  

Transglobal Underground – International Times (Lionrock Kick Da Flavour Mix) by Jutin Robertson  

Transglobal Underground – Slowfinger (Delta Ladies Night Mix) by Kris Needs  

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