Some early 90s garage house/philly house. Going for a pop crossover but there was always something sad about even their most upbeat work.

The Tyrrel Corporation were Joe Watson and Tony Barry, who were active in the first half of the 1990s. They signed to Cooltempo, a subsidiary of Chrysalis. Despite releasing a slew of singles in 1992/93, they never cracked the charts and faded away after two LPs “Play For Today” and “North East of Eden”.

I assume they took their name from The Tyrell Corporation. The Tyrell Corporation is a fictional megacorporation from the 1982 Ridley Scott film Blade Runner. Based in Los Angeles, Tyrell is named for its founder Dr. Eldon Tyrell and is a bio-tech corporation which produces life-like androids called replicants. Tyrell’s slogan is “More human than human.”

The great British public may not have taken them to their hearts but I did. Wallow in disco sadness from five different singles:

The Tyrrel Corporation – Better Days Ahead (diddys Winter Holiday Mix)  

The Tyrrel Corporation – Six O’Clock (Original Philly Mix)  

The Tyrrel Corporation – One Day (2 Raw Vocal Mix) by Roger S  

The Tyrrel Corporation – You’re Not Here (Loveland Full On 12)  

The Tyrrel Corporation – Going Home (Saxy Mix) by Roger S  

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~ by acidted on December 18, 2009.


  1. Hello there,
    if you ever find it in your heart to repost this I would be most appreciatve. I bought the “The Bottle” maxi CD because I liked the Brendan Behan cover and once played fell in love with it and it has never been to far from my playlists since. (If you want a copy please ler me know.). Keep up the great work.
    Herbal T

  2. Herbal T – you got mail at that Yahoo thingie

  3. herbal t – did you get my email. And, after all, a copy of The Bottle Maxi would be great (can’t find mine)

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