Tipper is Dave Tipper, who first came to prominence in the second half of the 90s, largely on the back of the trip hop, funky breaks boom. But he soon moved away from that towards breaks. Huge Nu breaks. For those in Essex with in-car sound systems that can kill. At thirty paces.

No wonder his record label is called Fuel, set up with Ritchie, label manager. And it has a strap line “Music for SOUND systems”. Dave is reputedly the owner of the loudest car in the world, a 10k sound system in a Dodge Challenger.

Wiki: Tipper (real name Dave Tipper, born ca. 1976) is a British producer and DJ specialising in nu skool breaks, electronica, and trip hop. Although mostly known in the breakbeat scene, Tipper’s output includes strong hints of electro and idm amongst other styles. He is known for his interest in extreme bass frequencies, with his releases often including lengthy subbass test tones at the end. He, and likeminded people from his label Fuel Records, have also engaged in stunts like emptying a swimming pool, covering it with an acoustic canopy and enjoying the bass, or drowning out The Prodigy on the main stage of the V Festival with their car sound systems parked several miles away. Tipper also records under the pseudonym Crunch with Mike Wallis aka Psi Spy.

From 1998 and 1999:

Tipper – Supersport (Bargecharge) [Keith Tenniswood, Jim Foster, Dave Appleton]  

Tipper – Twister – Hybrid AD Twisted Mix  

Tipper – Get Up On Your Feet  

Tipper – Supersport (SE Mix)  


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~ by acidted on December 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “T IS FOR TIPPER”

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  2. […] accompanying email compared this to Dave Tipper. This is certainly as bass heavy. But it’s not as furious or close to techno. This is more […]

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