Technova was the solo vehicle for sometime Weatherall collaborator Dave Harrow. This post focuses on 2002 album “Dirty Secrets”, released on Acid Ted favourite Hydrogen Dukebox, but also includes an early mix.

From the press release with “Dirty Secrets”:

Connoisseurs will certainly remember Tantric Steps and Transcience, a pair of groundbreaking albums from Technova that appeared on Weatherall’s Sabres label in ’94 and ’95 respectively and led to the lauded DavidHarrow/Weatherall collaboration Bloodsugar.

Harrow’s timely return to the Technova project introdcueds a rich and refined strain of progressive electronic soul, heavily influenced with funky electro flavours and tuned in to the tastes of the increasngly open minded punters out there.

Harrow was and still is a pioneer in the electronic music field having once been the electro musical backbone to German poet Ann Clark’s musical career. This collaboration resulted in Harrow living in Berlin and album sales of over half a million in Germany alone, Harrow was not even 18 at the time. When in 1999 Ann Clark released the remix album (Wordprocessing) which included 10 of the 12 tracks penned by Harrow it had everybody from the german Techno scene cueing up to remix it.

In many ways Dirty Secrets is a bare bones album, a stark and melodic moment where Harrow relaxes into a seemingly effortless stream of intelligent and accessible sounds.

With a series of excellent performances from the immaculate JB Rose (whose vocal lights up the Juan Atkins flavours of forthcoming single System Overload), and Harrow’s own grainy vocoderisms gracing the contagiou Boxinglove and a future electro-punk anthem Neverstop, this album is a serious fast-forward for electro-organic fusion.

Technova – Boxinglove  

Technova – Neverstop  

Technova – Tantrum (Innersphere Mix)  

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~ by acidted on December 23, 2009.

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