And so to Weatherall’s guise following the demise of Sabres of Paradise. This was a collaboration with Keith Tenniswood, and in a characteristic Weatherall move the sound changed from the broadly techno sounds of SoP towards krautrock and motorik. Probably my least favourite Weatherall incarnation. Some of the remixes were good. But that is for a separate set of posts.

From MOG: After dissolving his Sabres of Paradise project and label, UK dance-don Andrew Weatherall set up the tripartite Emissions label group and launched his latest, perhaps most prodigious musical venture, Two Lone Swordsmen. A collaboration with Emissions engineer Keith Tenniswood, 2LS was formed in early 1996. The group speaks the same language of warped, downtempo grooves as much previous Sabres work (particularly “Smokebelch” and “Wilmott”), but opts instead for a syntax of minimal electronics and taut, brittle electro-funk for structure and guidance. The group’s first full-length release, 1996’s The Fifth Mission, was a whopping double-CD/triple-LP, both preceded and followed by additional EPs of new material (“Tenth Mission” and “Third Mission”). A few months later, the group issued two additional LP-length releases (both remix albums under the title Swimming Not Skimming, although the CD and LP versions sported different tracks), and by the end of 1996 had racked up no less than a half-dozen remixes (including Slab, Alter Ego, Sneaker Pimps, and David Holmes). The heavy release schedule continued through the rest of the decade, with an assortment of LPs (1998’s Stay Down, 2000’s Tiny Reminders) and mini-LPs recorded via a new deal with Warp. They returned in 2001 with the Further Reminders EP and delivered a remix collection, Peppered With Spastic Magic, and From the Double Gone Chapel, an album inspired by post-punk and electro, in 2004. The relatively rock-oriented Wrong Meeting followed in 2007.

A random selection, from a single done for short-lived Slut Tracks, Nostik single and Third Mission EP.

Two Lone Swordsmen – Slutloop  

Two Lone Swordsmen – Nostik  

Two Lone Swordsmen – Tall Lights  

Two Lone Swordsmen – The Branch Brothers  


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~ by acidted on December 23, 2009.


  1. […] is from 2002, when Weatherall was collaborating with Keith Tenniswood as Two Lone Swordsmen (more here). In common with most of the TLS mixes it has a spartan, slightly brittle […]

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