If ever you wanted a track that sounds hugely influential on Weatherall’s early work, it is this one. From the end of the 1980s, Thrashing Doves’ “Jesus On The Payroll” was a big balearic hit in a classic dance / rock crossover. Should have been a hit but it wasn’t. After Thatcher blighted their career, they would become The Doves, who featured here a long while back. But still without success.

Their MySpace says: The Thrashing Doves were a London based rock/pop band (1986-1991). Initially called The Climb, they changed their name and signed to A&M having already secured a support slot with Paul Young for his Live Aid warm up shows. The first album called Bedrock Vice was released in 1987. There is some evidence to suggest that their career was irrevocably harmed when British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher expressed fondness for their video “Beautiful Imbalance” when she saw it on Saturday Superstore. The single (their first) still entered the top 40 in the UK. The second album Trouble In The Home was released in 1989. Following this they were dropped by A&M. They changed their name to The Doves, recruited Angie Brown on vocals and signed to Elektra for their third album Affinity released in 1991. Despite the single “Beaten Up In Love Again” charting in the UK, the band was dropped after this album. They reformed for a 20 min set at Ian’s birthday bash in 2006. It was the first time they had all been on stage together in 15 years. There are currently no plans to do it again.

From 1987:

Thrashing Doves – Je$u$ On The Payroll No.2 (Vocal)  

Thrashing Doves – Je$u$ On The Payroll No.2 (Dub Mix)  

Thrashing Doves – Je$u$ On The Payroll No.2 (Instrumental)  


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~ by acidted on December 25, 2009.

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