The first release by unknown band is lucky enough to get a remix by David Holmes. Having been formerly in Faithless probably helped.

Skinny were formerly the partnership of Matt Benbrook & Paul Herman, Skinny is now Benbrook’s solo project. Matt’s MySpace page describes his career thus: Skinny formed in 1996(prior to this I had been playin drums for the now legendary dance act “faithless”) by Me(matty) and Paul Herman, with the additions of Dave Nally on the ivories and Tim Vogt on the (6 string, how unnecessary) bass . Signed to CheekyRecords by Rollo Armstrong and released the weekend album in 1999 , with the lead single being “failure” .It did alright . We then released the 2nd album “taller”in 2001 on Cheeky but through BMG (available on itunes apparently)Lots of gigging and plenty of fun but…………. The band split shortly after this , leaving the name with me. So here i am . The past few years have been spent mainly writing with other artists including fellow myspacer’s Pauline Taylor , Dido, Paolo Nutini, Kristian Leontiou , Pnut , Mutya, Alexi’s Strum , Belle, Dusted , Mel C and Cass Fox having also done remixes for Faithless , Dido , Gabriel , Freak Power , Tricky and R Kelly (b4 we knew he was a freak!) among others . I’m slowly making a new Skinny record and will bear the fruits of my musical love on this myspace page.

From 1998 in a downtempo breaks kind of vein:

Skinny – Failure (David Holmes Mix)  

Skinny – Failure (Magitone Mix)  

Skinny – Failure (Original Instrumental)  

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~ by acidted on January 3, 2010.

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