How many acts use singers from another decade? Some perhaps. But how many dance acts do political songs? Very few. And how many adapt songs from the middle of the nineteenth century? Only Ultramarine.

From 1993, “Kingdom”:

We’re low – we’re low – mere rabble we know
But, at our plastic power
The mould at the lordling’s feet will grow
Into palace and church and tower
The prostrate fall – in the rich man’s hall
And cringe at the rich man’s door
We’re not too low to build the wall
But too low to tread the door

Down, down we go – we’re so very low
To the hell of the deep mines
But we gather the proudest gems that glow
When the crown of a despot shines
And whenever he lacks – upon our backs
Fresh loads he deigns to lay
We’re far too low to vote the tax
But not too low to pay

We’re low – we’re low – we’re very, very low
Yet from our fingers glide
The silken flow – and the robes that glow
Round the limbs of sons of pride
And what we get – and what we give
We know, and we know our share
We’re not too low the cloth to weave
But too low the Cloth to wear!

Lyrics adapted from “The Song of the Lower Classes” by Ernest Jones (c. 1848)

Sung by Robert Wyatt.

Ultramarine – Kingdom (Extended Mix)  

Ultramarine – Goldcrest  

Ultramarine – Kingdom (Radio Promo Edit)  


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~ by acidted on January 4, 2010.

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