Last post on Ultramarine. Again with guest vocals. This time Kevin Ayers and David McAlmont. And for those looking for something more challenging, there are reworks by Luke Slater and Mu-ziq.

Ultramarine were one of the first groups of their generation to take electronic music into live situations and were adventurous in their integration of live instrumentation on stage and in the studio. Live appearances included a US tour in 1992 with Meat Beat Manifesto and Orbital and a US/European tour in 1993 supporting Björk. The group’s collaborative work was also a strong feature – this included a songwriting/recording partnership with Robert Wyatt, recordings with Kevin Ayers and David McAlmont plus various live and studio sessions with members of the London jazz scene, including Lol Coxhill, Iain Ballamy, Elton Dean, Dave Green, Roger Beaujolais, Greg Heath and Jimmy Hastings.

Every Man And Woman Is A Star was followed by the albums United Kingdoms (1993) and Bel Air (1995) – both released on Blanco Y Negro (UK) – and A User’s Guide (1998) on New Electronica. Most recently, LTM Publishing (Les Temps Modernes) released Companion (Every Man And Woman Is A Star Versions) (2003), a collection of remixes and alternative versions from the group’s early-90s period, and reissued A User’s Guide (2005).

From 1996:

Ultramarine – Hymn (Mu-ziq Remix)  

Ultramarine – Hymn (Luke Slater’s 7th Plain Rework)  

Ultramarine – Hymn (feat. David McAlmont)  

Ultramarine – Hymn (Kevin Ayers version)  


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~ by acidted on January 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “U IS FOR ULTRAMARINE (PT 4)”

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  2. […] tune. Over The Bridge at Whitby  is pastoral acid house. Really reminds me of the marvelous Ultramarine from the early 90s. Takes acid somewhere totally different. The EP closer is Lost Summers. This […]

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