I know we’ve had a few remixes of St Etienne but this is probably my favourite (Weatherall’s mix of two halves apart).

 From 1994, we feature the “Pale Movie” single. One of those rare releases when all the mixes are great. A reviewer at discogs comments:

 scoundrel, Aug 29, 2005
Saint Etienne, with the release of PALE MOVIE, moves away from 60s pop influences and firmly into electronic territory. With a solid kick drum and synth flourishes (augmented with a Spanish guitar and a string section), it’s an easy step. The “Stentorian Dub” takes out the vocals, leaving techno in its wake. Kris Needs lays his epic progressive house stylings on the track for a long, involved mix. The surprise here is the slow “Lemonentry” mix from Rick Smith — you’d suspect that one of the stalwarts of Underworld would have done a more energetic mix, but that’s not the case here.

Forced to choose, I’d go for Kris Needs’ epic Secret Knowledge mix:

Saint Etienne – Pale Movie (Secret Knowledge Trouser Assassin Mix)  

Saint Etienne – Pale Movie (Lemonentry Mix) by Underworld  

Saint Etienne – Pale Movie (Stentorian Dub)  

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~ by acidted on January 10, 2010.

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