Sven Vath is one of the most important German dance artists, not only for his own work but also for his part in uber-club Cocoon. Supposedly the original moody dj.

Wiki: Sven Väth (born 26 October 1964, near Frankfurt, Germany) is a DJ who has produced an extensive range of work since his career began in 1982. From 1985, he was part of the band OFF (acronym for Organization for Fun) which released the hit “Electrica Salsa” in 1987. He was also one of the founders of trance music labels Harthouse and the now-defunct Eye Q, as well as being among the first DJs to play trance records. In 1995 Mixmag rated his album Accident in Paradise one of the top-50 dance albums of all time; although the title track is a fast techno piece, the rest is far more sedate, such as the track “Coda,” which features merely a flute and a harpsichord.

Väth is also known as “RU Ready” and “Sam Vision”. He has been a member of the groups 16 Bit, Astral Pilot, Barbarella, the Essence of Nature, Metal Master, Metal Masters, Mosaic, and Off. Today he is the owner of the Cocoon Event Media GmbH, which contains his new Label, Cocoon Recordings. He is also the owner of the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt.

A random selection of Sven’s solo work, covering trance and ambient sides:

Sven Vath – Drifting Like Whales In The Darkness  

Sven Vath – Sensual Enjoyments  

Sven Vath – An Accident In Paradise(William Orbit & Spooky Remix)  

Sven Vath – l’Esperanza (Hope Will Move Mountains Mix)  


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~ by acidted on January 14, 2010.

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