Strange indie dance group World of Twist, led by oddball Tony Ogden. Inventive electronica.

World of Twist were an early 90s band tied to the madchester movement, although their sound was closer to that of the britpop bands that became popular later in the decade. They released a few singles and one album before disbanding, taking on a somewhat mythical character as a result.

For anyone living in Manchester during the early 90’s and not totally convinced by the Madchester scene – preferring music with a little more glamour and a little less predictability – World Of Twist (along with Intastella) were the ones worth paying attention to.

Although difficult to musically pin down they were a sort of Roxy Music meets Velvet Underground meets northern soul meets Joe Meek meets The Human League.

Significantly, World Of Twist were one of the first bands to be making quirky retro electronic pop music of the kind of that bands like Pulp (who at one point supported WOT live), Air and Goldfrapp would later be exploring and gaining wider success with.

The 1989 version of World Of Twist had Tony Ogden (Now singer and co-songwriter) and Gordon King (Guitar and co-songwriter) joined by Andy Hobson (Synthesisers), Alan Frost aka Adge (Visual effects. Synthesisers), Julia aka M.C. Shells (Swirls and Sea Noises), Angela Reilly (Visual Effects). Nick Sanderson (Drums) joined a little later.

A four track demo tape (The Storm, Blackpool Tower Suite, The Spring, She’s A Rainbow) released early 1990 had considerable local alternative radio play and rave reviews in the local press – the inevitable London A & R frenzy soon followed.

World Of Twist finally settled for Circa Records, believing they would meet the bands creative needs better than anyone else. Within a the year, they had released the critically well received singles The Storm / She’s A Rainbow (one of Martin Hannet’s final productions) and Sons Of The Stage. Both only just failed to make the top 40.

However, during pre-production for WoT’s much-anticipated sophomore effort Ogden suffered a nervous breakdown and announced his intention to resign frontman duties. Auditions were held for a new vocalist, but the creative tensions proved too great and the group split for good. The subsequent success of like-minded acts ranging from Saint Etienne to Air to Goldfrapp vaulted World of Twist to cult adoration in the decade to follow, and after more than a decade in seclusion, Ogden resurfaced in 2005 with a new band, the Bubblegum Secret Pop Explosion. He died in Cheshire, England, on July 26, 2006.

Those early singles:

World of Twist – She’s A Rainbow 12″  

World of Twist – The Storm 12″  

World of Twist – Life And Death (12 Version)  

World of Twist – Sons of the Stage (12 Version)  

World of Twist – She’s A Rainbow (Right Foot Yellow Mix) Fluke Mix  

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