Justin Warfield does odd psychadelic rap but had The Chemical Brothers and David Holmes on remix standby.

Rapper Justin Warfield was only 20 years old when his debut album, My Field Trip to Planet 9, was released to curious ears in 1993. Produced by Prince Paul, the album was a bizarre mix of psychedelic loops and unpredictable beats that was not a very large success, but established him as a young talent to watch for. Of course, he turned completely against his first album when The Justin Warfield Supernaut appeared in 1995. Comprised of a charming classic rock sound, it still did not make a difference in terms of sales but it did confound his fans. Even stranger was his sudden disappearance after the promotion of his sophomore effort, making sporadic guest appearances with bands like Placebo and Cornershop but staying away from releasing his own album. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

From the singles released in the wake of “Planet 9”

Justin Warfield – Pick It Up Y’All (Dust Brothers Edit)   aka Chemical Brothers

 Justin Warfield – Live From The Opium Den (David Holmes Main Mix)  

Justin Warfield – Pick It Up Y’All (Dust Brothers Vocal Mix)  

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~ by acidted on January 20, 2010.


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