Two today. S’Express and Quadrophonia; with remixes by Baby Ford and Speedy J.

S’Express we’ve had before. But not Quadrophonia (Lucien Foort & Olivier Abbeloos). All a bit euro dance pop from 1990. But it does have an early Jochem Paap production – who we know better as Speedy J.

Quadrophonia’s Myspace site says: Olivier Abbeloos/Lucien Foort Olivier. Abbeloos Always interested in music and started to learn how to DJ at age of 13 when he got a DJ setup from his parents. He thinks he started producing at the age of 17 when he amused himself by making mega-mixes on two track recorders. His first project was L&O “Even Now”, but he never got credited on that record and he did several productions on Target label (Neon, L&O, PLB System). His first project together with Patrick De Meyer was the Beat Machine, The “Mr Zigzag” on PIAS label, & T99. His first most succesfull project was Quadrophonia, together with Lucien Foort. Lucien Foort has been musically involved since early youth. Even before his music education ended, he was already on the road (at age 16) as a singer/saxophonist with his band Don..t Panic and later as a rapper in the Hip Hop Band .. The Funky Tribe… After several years of performing he continues on the yellow brick music road with his worldwide hit record ‘Quadrophonia’. This takes him to the farthest corners of the world.

Quadrophonia – Find The Time Part 1 (7″ Remix)  

Quadrophonia – Find The Time Part 1 (Second Wave Mix)  

S’Express – Mantra System Mystery Groove   recommended

S’Express – Mantra For A State Of Mind (Baby Ford Experience)  

If you download, please donate for charity.

~ by acidted on January 22, 2010.

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