A repost from eighteen months ago. Bomb The Bass (formed 1987, in London, England) is the umbrella title for the output of British musician and DJ, Tim Simenon.

Back then I said: After the inital success of “Beat Dis” and Bomb The Bass’ first album, things started to go wrong in 1991 when the launch of the second album coincided with the start of the first Gulf War. Over-reacting, the BBC unofficially banned anything controversial, and that included the name Bomb The Bass (and indeed Massive Attack, who temporarily became “Massive”). After the second album failed to take off, it would take four more years for the third album “Clear”. By this time, dance music had exploded and Bomb The Bass had rather got left in its wake. There were more commercially successful dance acts and there were more critically acclaimed dance acts. From a couple of singles released from that album:

Bomb The Bass – 1 to 1 Religion Space Funk Remix (Richie Hawtin)  

Bomb The Bass – Bug Powder Dust (Dust Brothers Remix)  

Bomb The Bass – Darkheart Sabres Of Paradise (Main Mix)  

Bomb The Bass – Darkheart Sabres Of Paradise (Second Mix)  

Bomb The Bass website

Bomb the Bass MySpace

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