Three different artists this time – Tricky, Placebo and Crazy Penis – and three different remixers – A Guy Called Gerald, Justin Robertson and Tom Middleton.

Tricky has featured here before so nothing to add, and Placebo irritate despite Justin’s efforts. This leaves Crazy Penis (now called Crazy P), who are Christopher Todd and James Baron. From their own bio: Crazy P started life as Crazy Penis, the brainchild of Chris Todd & Jim Baron, 10 years ago when they were both studying at Nottingham University. Although both musically gifted, Toddy on guitar and Jim on piano, the duo found short shrift in terms of opportunity to develop a band and retreated to the bedroom to refine their production skills.

With very little equipment and a name to shock, the budding bedroom producers began to craft a series of 12″ recordings that were released by Paperecordings, based in Manchester, to critical acclaim in the UK and beyond. The duo’s debut album, ” A Nice Hot Bath With….”, sold over 5000 copies worldwide on word of mouth alone and requests began to come in for live shows across the globe.

Chris & Jim knew they needed help to translate their richly orchestrated sound to the live format. They didn’t have to look too far… Bassist, Tim Davies (an old school-mate of Jim’s and involved in the conception of the first Penis album). The next member to join, vocalist (& Manchester socialite) Danielle Moore was spotted by Jim doing a rousing Shirley Bassey impression at a Manchester house-party in the very early hours of the morning!!! Add a fetchingly tousled beat generator on drums by the name of Matt Klose, and The Line Up became complete.

Following the release of the acclaimed album ‘The Wicked Is Music’ in 2002, the artistes that could only be known as Crazy Penis went from strength to strength, taking their humour-filled, funk-infected Northern floorshow into the world to wow audiences from Manchester to Moscow and from Sydney to San Francisco and back. In addition, founder members Chris Todd and Jim Baron saw their remixing skills put to consistently excellent use by peer labels such as Naked Music. Not to mention Crazy Penis tracks being featured by everyone from “Sex & The City” to arthouse movies from Budapest.

And the featured track is from 2000, with Tom Middleton giving their disco thing a bit of bottle.

Tricky – Makes Me Wanna Die (The Green Stinky Mix – A Guy Called Gerald)  

Placebo – Bruise Pristine (Lionrock Mix) Justin Robertson  

Crazy Penis – Do It Good (Tom Middleton’s Cosmos Mix – Do Un Goodur)  

If you download, please donate to a charity of your choice

~ by acidted on January 29, 2010.

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  1. […] Boots is a bit mainstream but I do like some of her work. Here’s a remix by Crazy P (nee Crazy Penis). Of couse, as an official remix, this is pop with a capital P. But it doesn’t explode with […]

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