X IS FOR X-102

X-102 was a group of US techno legends Mike Banks, Robert Hood & Jeff Mills (later just Mills and Banks) from 1992 and reactivated in 2008.

In 1992 there was a mission to discover the planet of Saturn. In the course of this ambitious exploration the discoveries by X-102 layed foundations and paved the way for bold new phase in electronic music.
(X-102 discovers the Rings Of Saturn, Tresor.004)

Because of the great advancements in space research and the remarkable ability of the Cassini/Huygen space probe, we have the chance to re-examine Saturn in ways that were thought to be impossible.

Once again in 2008 hold on tight as Mike Banks and Jeff Mills once again propel your senses through the expanse of the universe.

– Coming soon on Tresor: X-102 re-discovers The Rings Of Saturn, Tresor.234 album CD & vinyl [released in 2008]

x-102 – Daphnis (Keeler’s Gap)  

x-102 – Ground Zero (The Planet)  

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~ by acidted on January 29, 2010.

One Response to “X IS FOR X-102”

  1. Just discovered this amazing album through this blog..
    So thanks! :^D

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