This time, the featured single is “Distractions”, featuring vocals from regular collaborator Sia. Plus remixes on a broken beats/breaks vein from DJ Spinna, Madlib and Idjut Boys.



You have had some big names remixing tracks from Simple Things, and Stereolab have remixed Home. What makes you choose someone to remix a particular track?
I guess simply, if we like their stuff.

You’ve remixed quite a lot of people too. What differentiates working on your own material and working from other people’s work?
Well, when your doing a remix you have a starting point, a song that’s already there, and you work on ideas to reinterpret that. When it’s your own stuff its just yourselves staring at a blank wall, scratching your heads.

You must have had a lot of requests for remixes following the release of Simple Things. What makes you work on a particular track, and did you turn some people down?
Yeah, we did have quite a lot of requests. We like to choose tracks, obviously, firstly, that we like, but also things that might not seem obvious at first, things that we feel we could do something interesting with. And yes we did turn some things down, both because we didn’t feel we could do anything on a certain track, and because we didn’t have time, as we wanted to get to work on our 2nd album

Zero 7 – Distractions DJ Spinna Mix

Zero 7 – Distractions Madlib’s YNQ Mix

Zero 7 – Distractions Version Idjut

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~ by acidted on February 5, 2010.

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