Something from Coldcut’s NTone ambient label, found during a ramdom rummage. The Coldcut mix is the one to go for – more trip hop than proper ambient.

Real Life were Paul Castle, Matt Hazelden, Lee Rosemore; although this 12″ is also credited as being written by More and Black from Coldcut. Real Life produced a few 12″s; with this one being from 1996. It’s a piece of gentle trip hop. The Coldcut mix is an instrumental, whilst the Full Circle mix has a psychadelic vocal that reminds me of nothing so much as early Shamen.

Real Life – Shark Dance (Coldcut Mix)

Real Life – Shark Dance (Full Circle Mix)

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~ by acidted on February 8, 2010.


  1. Hi

    This is Lee Roseman part of Real Life. FYI, Shark Dance the original, was written by me while we working on the Real Live album. I wrote it one afternoon while Paul was away, we then mixed it together when he returned.

    • Many thanks for the contribution and extra information

    • Hi ,
      For clarity , Lee is confused with Shark infested another track on the album which admittedly the instrumental was largely composed in my absence.
      Sorry Lee, but your not taking credit for the B line on Shark dance, that was totally my composition…..
      Shark dance was a co write between Myself Paul castle, Lee Roseman and Jay fisher on vocals. Coldcut did a remix as did phil perry (full circle).

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