It’s that man again. Stuart Price. Not content with being Les Rythmes Digitales, he also had an eighties-influenced synth group called Zoot Woman.


Zoot Woman are a British electronic music group made up of Adam Blake, Johnny Blake and Stuart Price. Known for their live shows, the group has gained a worldwide following. The live line-up includes Jasmin O’Meara (bass, vocals, synthesizers). They are credited as early members of the electroclash scene, but have continued to evolve and release increasingly popular music after that trend ended.
Price and Blake also work under the alias Paper Faces for remixes and have reworked tracks for Zoot Woman songs as well as other established recording artists such as Madonna, Scissor Sisters and producers such as Felix Da Housecat and Pete Tong. The band is currently in the process of writing and producing a new album.

Zoot Woman established themselves with debut album Living in a Magazine. Zoot Woman’s eponymous second album dwells on love and dismay, heartbreak and hope, but with all the style and danceability of their debut. The result is a pop album you can lose yourself in, a record for euphoric nights and lonely days equally.Jonny : “As a band we’ll look for change and progress so by combining the two we’ll change direction, and the direction of the album will probably be known with the first few songs”Stuart : “sometimes an idea you have for a remix may not work in that track but you can apply the idea to a seemingly opposite project and it will work. it generates more ideas. things that work on house dancefloors can influence a rock record in surprising ways. plus my heart has always been working with zoot woman, so at the moment even though our schedule puts us in different cities, adam and jonny can work together making the songs, then the three of us come together to work“Adam : “‘Living In A Magazine’ was based upon the way everyday media influences people. ‘Zoot Woman’ (the album) is more a reflection of ourselves. Each new album is a reaction to the last…. We want the look to reflect the music. Sometimes it helps you to understand what a band is about. Sometimes it gets in the way”

Adam and Stuart remix their own and other people’s tracks under the name “Paper Faces” and Stuart has also been working with Madonna since 2000. He also works (to much critical acclaim) under the pseudonyms Thin White Duke, Jacques Lu Cont, Man with Guitar, and of course Les Rythmes Digitales. Last fm

Zoot Woman – It’s Automatic

Zoot Woman – Live In My Head

Zoot Woman – We Wont Break
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~ by acidted on February 8, 2010.

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