One band, two singles. Some early psychadelic Shamen, before they became a proper dance act.

We’ve had plenty of 1990s Shamen, after they became a dance act, but nothing from when the 80s when they were still a psychadelic act.

From The History of the Shamen is the story of several different types of evolution. It’s a journey across the cultures of Acid House, the psychedelic underground and the Internet to find the words, sounds and songs of the future. And it follows the fairy steps of ancient shamen: tribal mystics who roamed the cutting edges of existence to talk to the spirits and discover the secrets of life.

In their first, mid 80s incarnation, The Shamen were a cheerfully weird and trip-fixated guitar band. Founder member Colin Angus took their name from his research into South American Shamanism. And their first songs, tracks like “Adam Strange” were about as good as drug rock could get, perfectly updating 60s acts like Love or Pink Floyd. By the late 80s they were using breakbeats, samplers, loops and white-boy rap vocals. This was the first evolution: embracing new technology and musical possibility. And like all good ideas it was copied as bands like Jesus Jones and eventually Utah Saints started to do the same.

The Second evolution was when they realised that Acid House and The Shamen was going to be a match made in heaven. By 1988 when huge illegal parties began to reshape England’s Musical landscape, Will Sin had joined The Shamen. Will was an old friend of Colin’s, they’d worked together as psychiatric nurses, and Will had a real flair for squeezing warm music out of cold technology.

From singles, “Knature of a Girl” and “Something About You” – both 1987:

The Shamen – Knature of a Girl

The Shamen – Something About You

The Shaman – Sub Knature of a Girl

If you download, please donate to charity.

~ by acidted on February 10, 2010.

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