808 State got together out of Martin Price owning a dance import shop, getting people who wanted to record to come to Graham Massey as a engineer/musician to make records. Out of this they started doing acid house because they had the right equipment and because of a radio programme by Manchester DJ Stu Allen.

The third album entitled ‘90’, now signed under the ZTT label, included the hit ‘Pacific’ which had been an underground classic until then. This album was also released in the US under the name Utd. State 90 on Tommy Boy records. During this time 808 State also produced an album for MC Tunes and released several hit singles. Their biggest selling album ‘Ex:el’ followed, however Martin Price decided to depart from 808 State.

The 1992 album ‘Gorgeous’ included a remake of the UB 40 classic ‘One In Ten’. After extensive touring, 808 State took a break and it wasn’t until 1994 that the single ‘Bombadin’ was released. During that year a fanclub-only CD entitled ‘State to State’ was pressed containing unreleased material.

From 1990 and 1994:

808 State -Bombadin (Original Quica)

808 State – Cubik (Original Mix)

808 State – Olympic (Flutey Mix)
808 State Marathon (Club 12″)

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