It’s been such a long time since we last had anything from Dinosavrvs Rex. I’d rather wondered if they’d been caught nicking sweets. For those who don’t know a quick pen picture. Northern asbo waifs who make music like joyriding on tartrazine in a hotwired Metro GTI. Their new offering is no exception, being a smashing together of James Brown, Monty Python and Kylie.

They say:

it’s DINOSAVRVS REX, remember us? We’ve been busy behind the scenes for the past half a year but we’re back, at least until someone fobs us off with a ten-pints-for-the-price-of-one bottle of White Lightning.

Which is basically what our new mix is like, ten remixes all mashed into one. It’s called ‘Get involved’, it’s what they used to call sampledelia reckon, you get a bit of James Brown, Kylie, Monty Python, BeeGees and the ‘Shack up / God’s cop’ beat is in there as well. We personally think it works best as a DJ tool as you’d have to be as nutty as we are to play the entire mix straight.

We’ve also moved up in the world, having just completed a semi-official remix for posh Canadian disco girl group Fan Death, but it’s been sent to their label for consideration as to what they’re going to do with it. Otherwise we’d send you it as well. We’ll leak it eventually, but the girls in the group are fit and we don’t want to ruin our chances before they come to Manchester. We’re doing a video for it as well. It’s on our mySpace if you fancy a listen.

Lastly there will be two more comics, the one attached included, before we nip that for a bit, we’ve decided to take a more cryptozoological approach towards our image and as such were photographed wading about in the Irish Sea a week ago in a Loch Ness Monster mask. If this merits a mention please remind the punters that we are professionals and not to try this in their free time for risk of hypothermia. The results again are on the old mySpace.

They sell themselves short. After three minutes of a joyous riot of cut and paste sampling, it turns into a pretty self-respecting anthem. Go get!

Dinosavrvs Rex – Get Involved! mediafire (zip file with the full cartoon)

‘DINOSAVRVS REX’ on Facebook

~ by acidted on February 14, 2010.

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