Its our asbo-challenged friends Dinosavrvs Rex back with an almost-proper-remix. One of the mixes is worth your attention if you like TLS’ more off-beam stuff. Haunted Northern Dancehall perhaps.

Hiya Captain Acid Ted
The short City edit is fine but the singer sounds too much like a poor man’s Grace Jones crossed with Gina X. All a bit “I vont to be aloone”. Doesn’t matter how “fit” she is, it doesn’t work. The ‘not Man Utd’ remix is the really interesting track. All that hissing and reverb, like it was recorded from a cheap MW radio onto a warped c90. Strange but good. Lord Sabre would be pleased with such sound manipulation. Someone give them a proper remix job please.

it’s DINOSAVRS REX, we’ve done a new tune. Apols but no comic this time as we’ve got severe Carpal tunnels from playing XBOX a bit too much this past month.

Funny story about this song though, we’ve moved up in the world from doing dodgy bootlegs to actually managing semi-official remixes. We really liked the song ‘Re-united’ by Fan Death and especially the video and thought we could do a good version of it so we contacted the two very fit birds in the band (see photo if you don’t believe us) and they said ‘yes you can do a remix’. We came back a month later and they loved it. Their record company (run by Erol Alkan) were even going to put it out officially but they bottled it. If they had released it that would have been very scary. Could you imagine? A proper release by DINOSAVRVS REX?

Fan Death – Re-united (D.REX not Man-Utd extension) Dinosavrvs Rex mix


~ by acidted on April 6, 2010.

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