In addition to this being declared Paul Haig Day by TVV, this is also Andrew Weatherall’s birthday. Seems remiss not to mark it again. As he is the patron saint (unofficial) of this blog.

There’s no point in a biog, they are all over the internet. Weatherall is currently on a renewed roll, with his first solo LP, another amazing remix for Primal Scream and producing Fuck Buttons. So let’s celebrate it.

I’ve posted so much of Lord Sabre’s remixes that I wasn’t sure what there was left to post, until I ran across this piece of Two Lone Swordsmen remixology on related label Sabrettes. I should say that it’s one of those records that doesn’t say whether it’s 45rpm or 33rpm. I’ve plumped for 33, although it kind of works at 45. There is a little vocal sample at the start of one side which sounds better at 33, but who knows.

Slab – Sonic Grudge (No Vox) The Two Lone Swordsmen’s Fourth Mission

Slab – Sonic Grudge (Vox) The Two Lone Swordsmen’s Fourth Mission

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~ by acidted on April 7, 2010.

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