The difficulty here is not to sound like a total moron, since this combination is astonishing and makes me want to go OMG WTF and use too many exclamation marks. Head on over to Ninja Tune, register and download.

Meanwhile, the promo blurb says a little more sedately:

For anyone claiming even a passing interest in dance music, this week’s Ninja Tune XX giveaway will be gold dust. A mix that harks back to the explosion of ideas that resulted in the rise of dance music itself. As such, it’s thrilling.

On New Year’s Eve 1991, a fairly new group called The Orb visited Coldcut in their studio at Kiss FM, to put together a live radio mix. The former were working on the album that would top the charts the following year. The latter had just set up Ninja Tune. The resulting mix is a gold standard of cutting edge dance, experimentalism and sound-collage. As Matt Black recalls; ‘”I remember a couple of things from that show… Yes, we recorded it live at Kiss in Holloway Rd… looking at each other, not knowing quite how to begin, and then saying ‘fuck it. Might as well start, shall we?’ The Orb played a lot of abstract, cool, spoken word and cutup stuff, which seemed really impressive and weird… We were like ‘fuck, how did they make that?’ It was just quite arty and clever and odd… A lot of it was just done in a one-man live mix, literally running round the studio, turning decks on and off! Raw but fun. Those were the days.’

This is part of special Ninja Tune giveaways for “On the 20th September 2010, it will be 20 years since Coldcut founded Ninja Tune. To celebrate, we’ll be releasing a deluxe, limited edition box set of new and exclusive material by our favourite artists. Until then, we’ll be giving away rare material, mixes, merch and brand new videos …

Coldcut Meets The Orb

Buy box set

~ by acidted on June 10, 2010.


  1. OMG WTF etc. Just listened to this- brilliant.

  2. This is so good, remember seeing the Orb in 91 and then again 93 in the Barras, they were magic.

    BTW – Thanks for letting me know you were up and running again.

    Glad you’re back.

  3. Bugger, discovered this (and your reactivated blog) too late! I don’t suppose anyone would care to share…?

  4. Trying here might be an option

  5. Ah. ok, for 48hrs only. [now gone]

  6. You, sir, are an absolute diamond, and you’ve made a middle-aged man very happy. If there’s anything I can do in return, let me know. Thanks a million 🙂

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