New Music: I’m not a Band / Joy Division Cover

You’ve got to be pretty confident to attempt covering a classic, especially where fans are so fanatical. Nevertheless, I’m Not A Band has a go. Heavy on the violin and scuzzy electro. Not sure about the voice. Not great but not awful either.

I’m not a Band – She’s Lost Control (Joy Division Cover)


video to I’m not a Band – I’m not a Band made by Youtube-star „TakeSomeCrime“.

About I’m not a Band:
I’m not a Band is indeed not really a band as such, it’s rather an explosive band of tunes, sounds and catchy melodies composed, produced and played by classical musician Stephan J. Brought up by professional musicians in the north of Germany, Stephan soon wanted to make music himself – and he started playing the violin, later drums, guitar and the piano. From 2005-2006 he lived in London and was fascinated and inspired by London’s music culture. It was just at the beginning of 2008 that he started ‘playing laptop’ as an outlet for his musical verve. He combines club-like beats with sometimes dirty, sometimes beepy sounds, still preserving his own style by using classical instruments such as the violin to create a simple effect: good music. In 2009 Jana D. joined the project for the vocals and for live shows. After a whole bunch of shows including a small UK-Tour and a live show on new years eve in Warsaw, Jana left I’m not a Band and was replaced by interims singer Marie T. and new singer Kassandra P., who adds a perfect touch to the concept of I’m not a Band with her second violin. The latest success was being voted Myspace Featured Artist after the nomination of german band “Egotronic”.

~ by acidted on June 25, 2010.

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