Another track from a long time ago – 1992 to be exact. My Jealous God go for full-on groove remix with their “Pray” single.

My Jealous God were an indie dance band from the early-90s. They consisted of: Jim Melly – vocals, guitar; Danny Burke – lead guitar; Chris O’Donnell – bass; and Andrew Berkley – drums. They only released three singles for Rough Trade and Fontana, of which this post features their last.

According to birdpoo:

As far as I am aware, the group only released three singles – two for Rough Trade and a later one for Fontana. By the time of their Fontana recordings, the group seem to have lost a band member, judging by the contemporary promo photo. I’ve since learned that an album (‘The Idiot’s Ball’) was recorded for Fontana and slated for release in the summer of 1992. Unfortunately for MJG it was shelved, although not before copies were sent out to be reviewed.
After MJG folded, singer Jim Melly embarked on a career in journalism and went on to edit ‘Inside Edge’ magazine. He later wrote a book on the Faces (‘Last Orders, Please’), published in April 2003. He is currently (2006) a lecturer in pop culture and modern British culture at the London Metropolitan University.

“Pray” was MJG’s first single on Fontana in 92 but had originally been released on Rough Trade two years earlier. But there were new remixes, of which this is one.

My Jealous God – Pray (Message Mix)

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~ by acidted on July 28, 2010.

One Response to “MY JEALOUS GOD”

  1. Great find mate !!! One of my favourite baggy bands and very interesting club rework of Pray. It will be interesting to find other mixes from this vinyl.
    Check their myspace page for more unreleased stuff, probaly taken from their unreleased album.

    Ricky (Madchester Rave On blog)

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