Deep Dish do a chunky tech house mix for Rollo’s Dusted project. Dusted wasn’t the most interesting of projects but Deep Dish remix the original into something quite stomping and hypnotic.

Rollo is Dido’s brother and producer and was member of Faithless, so has much to answer for. From Wiki: 

Rollo Armstrong (born Rowland Constantine O’Malley Armstrong, 1966 in Kensington, London) is one half of the music producers/remixers team Rollo and Sister Bliss, and is older brother to Dido, whom he helped to write and produce the multi-million selling albums No Angel, Life For Rent and Safe Trip Home. He is also a member of the electronic music group Faithless, which he formed in 1995 with Sister Bliss, Jamie Catto and Maxi Jazz. In the United States, Rollo is best known for his production work on Dido’s albums as well as singer/songwriter Kristine W‘s debut album, Land of the Living. 

He studied at the University of York and was an active member of the student radio station, URY.

He has many musical accomplishments both within groups and solo, using various monikers: Faithless, Rollo Goes …, Our Tribe (with Rob Dougan), and Dusted.

In 1991, Rollo founded Cheeky Records and released two records before it folded a year later. Champion Records then stepped in to help with funding and advice enabling Cheeky to re-launch in 1994 (it has since been bought out by BMG). Rollo also co-wrote the song “Who Are You?” by Australian musician Katie Noonan, appearing on her album Skin.

More recently, Rollo composed the official melody of the UEFA Euro 2008.

Dusted – Always Remember To Respect And Honour Your Mother Part One (Deep Dish Loves Their motha Remix)

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