You may remember a very odd post back in May with a tall story about hopeless (still a damn silly name) and Martin Fry. This time He’s tangled up with the Thompson Twins. Will he never learn?

Due to my pending trial I am not legally able to discuss this whole story. What I can say is that both Tom Bailey (the white guy from the Thompson Twins) and I were both staying at the Dorchester. I was performing in London that weekend so I decided to slum it for a couple of days. From what we know now, Tom was staying at the hotel with his wife. Apparently he saw me walking in the lobby when he tried to approach me for whatever reason. My security detail said he looked like a threat and then madness ensued. Lets just say Tom was rushed to the doctor, doctor; love was not was he was feeling. In his honor I decided to cover one of his songs, Lies, Lies, Lies. Unlike my ABC, Tears Are Not Enough rework, I obviously did not have the opportunity to work with the original artist because my crew beat him up.

enjoy, yours truly


–  lies, lies, lies direct link 320 kbps:,%20Lies,%20Lies.mp3

make sure you go to my website… i paid money for someone to make it.

~ by acidted on August 16, 2010.

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