I was in the loft yesterday and retrieved some old letters from D. As longer-term readers will recall from D Selection in 2009, D has views on many things. Today, sport.

October 1992, Maryland USA: “I was very pleased to hear about the mighty Hammers thrashing the life out of Sunderland t’other day. 6-0? An absolutely whoppong fuck-off score! I am only sorry that I was not present to share the joy with R., amidst our usual cups of tea and plates of cherry bakewells.

Over here, everything is American football or baseball but the fans, whilst very enthusiastic, seem to have failed to grasp the importance, nay, tradition, of simultaneously kicking the shit out of your opposing supporter, which the British have really exceled at. Actually, that sort of thing would be hopeless here because if it ever went off between two groups of fans, they’d just end up shooting each other with heavy caliber weapons, which, I feel, tends to defat the whole purpose of genuine hooliganism. Still, in this difference there is beauty, perhaps.”

And to accompany, a US artist, the under-rated techno artists Claude Young and, from the UK, IDM from 2 Player (Jon Tye and Daniel Pemberton).

Claude Young – Multipilicity of Zeros and Ones

2 Player – Arizona

Buy Claude Young and Daniel Pemberton


~ by acidted on August 21, 2010.

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