A new series to start the week. A track from the underlying reason behind this blog – Andrew Weatherall. Today, something from Bumble in 1992. Listed in discogs as progressive house, this is one of Weatherall’s stretched out mixes that owes as much to Dub as House. 12 minutes of bliss.

Bumble was Matt Early, who was later in Hardbag. This was one of only two releases under the Bumble name. n fact, “West In Motion” had two Weatherall mixes. A shorter, harder West In Motion (Andrew Weatherall Drum Mix), with Weatherall credited as remixer and Sabres of Paradise as producer, and the one featured here, West In Motion (Andrew Weatherall Mix). A discogs reviewer says:

Review by stevealoha Aug 12, 2010

referencing West In Motion, CD, Maxi, MUMCD 37

It’s the ‘3 Russians and 2 Brians’ song… I had this on 12″ ages ago but it got stolen… anyway, the Weatherall mix is great, one of those progressive house tracks from the early 90’s just before the Sabres stuff started to get really hard. The Haunted mix is pretty good too in a poppy kind of way – starting with the Sandy Denny sample at the start (which I think is the version that the drum & bass track sampled, but I forgot the name of that one).
Bumble – West In Motion (Andrew Weatherall Mix)

For anyone who’s confused by the reference to Russians and Brians, the video below should help.

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~ by acidted on August 23, 2010.


  1. Good way to start a Monday.

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