Another from the bargain basement. But was it really such a bargain? Was one of those bought on a whim and a hope. A remix of “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”. From 1990. On a major label.  But it did have a Mr Monday mix.

Oli Max (Oliver Maxwell) and DJ Shapps (Andre Shapps) produced two records in 1990. The one featured here (which samples the original from 1982 by Indeep) plus “Saturday Love/Feelin’ Janis”. They also remixed The Grid’s “A Beat Called Love”. Although I bought the record for the Mr Monday mix, this is the weaker of the two, with cheesiness in full effect. Marginally more credible, especially if you’re looking for a discotastic blast from the past is the White Label mix. This is dated but if you remember the times, somewhat nostalgic. But really, this record bears the whiff of major label bandwagon jumping – despite the legend “File under progressive music”. And whoever thought that awful sleeve was worth having. Like a bad photocopy.

Oli Max  DJ Shapps – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (White Label Mix)

Oli Max  DJ Shapps – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Mr Monday Mix)

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~ by acidted on September 3, 2010.


  1. It may bear the whiff of a major label, but I assure you it was produced 100% independently (we stuck it out on white label for ages first). Warners got involved much later.

    The progressive thing was sort of a joke, which led to our Grid mix being called the “Progressive Mix”, which in turn led to a conversation with (the Grid’s) Richard Norris during which I came up with the term “Progressive House” (I meant something along the lines of prog rock), again as a joke.

    Progressive house didn’t exist yet, but Richard was a journalist and later told me that he spent the next few weeks championing this new imaginary genre until eventually the music itself started being made. I have no real idea if that part of the story is true, but I fully intend telling my grandchildren about it in years to come 🙂

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