Dreams say more about us than we would like to admit. So, what do D’s dreams of Weatherall and Morrissey mean?

Apr 94: as someone once said, “If you ain’t got dreams, you got nightmares.” Talking of which, did I tell you that I had a rather bizarre dream t’other night that I was having a major affair with Weatherall? Now what the hell is that all about? I mean, I do know that he was a very pleasant chap when I knew him and, by all recent accounts, still is but I never personally found him of the shaggable variety. And it was one of those very intense dreams where everything is so clear that you wake up in the morning and wonder if perhaps something unusual did occur in the night and you may in fact now be with child.

Mar 94: meanwhile back at home. Last night I had rather an odd dream. For no apparent reason, I dreamt that I had a passionate one night stand with Morrissey. It was all rather intense and graphic, and I awoke this morning feeling rather confused. This is odd because I usually dream about things connected with the previous day. Nothing remotely connected with the great Moz had occurred yet I still experienced this vision.

Music from JMJ (previously here) since the title ‘universal horn’ made me snigger like Beavis and Butthead, and J0sh Wink (previously here).

jmj and richie – universal horn remix 96


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~ by acidted on September 5, 2010.

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